Modern style sofas

Whether sectional or linear, paired with a chaise longue, armchairs or myriad accessories and complementary pieces, Flexform sofas are the quintessential expression of elegant, modern taste, a reflection of the ideal contemporary living space.

Hub of the contemporary home, the living room is where family and friends spend their leisure time, where they can unwind, totally relaxed, on sofas imbued with modern design and the utmost in comfort.

The modern style of Flexform sofas

Both comfortable and elegant, Flexform sofas express modern taste and fresh, contemporary styling.

Clean lines, well-proportioned shapes and extraordinary attention to detail are evident in every piece and are part of the shared patrimony of all Flexform chairs, armchairs and sofas. Their modern appeal gives them star status in the living room.

In keeping with the company’s time-tested traditions, these modern sofas blend innovation and artisan craftsmanship