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“Running through every Flexform product is a common thread that traces back to the fact that they are immediately recognizable pieces of furniture, designed for everyday life and always easy to use”

- Antonio Citterio


Flexform indoor living, Groundpiece sectional sofa

This must be the place

In the hills of the Costa Brava, just a stone’s throw from Girona, Spain, a dream residence exists in perferct harmony with its surroundings.
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Sustainability Report cover

Sustainability Report 2021 | 2022

For some years now, attentive and sensitive consumers have adopted a new awareness, leading them to focus carefully on the environmental impact of a product and, more generally, the ethical and social orientation of a brand.
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Flexform | Paper 2024

Flexform | Paper 2024 is the new edition of the catalog-magazine that portrays the company’s collection in an array of captivating residential settings.

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