2023 Indoor Collection

“Running through every Flexform product is a common thread that traces back to the fact that they are immediately recognizable pieces of furniture, designed for everyday life and always easy to use”.

The words of Antonio Citterio summarize the principle that, yesterday and today, continues to inspire the company’s work.

To design the ordinary in an extraordinary way, with passion, commitment and attention to detail is the attitude that Antonio Citterio and Flexform have shared for more than fifty years.

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2023 Outdoor Collection

Flexform’s new outdoor collection celebrates the return of al fresco spaces to a central role in daily life and encourages a rediscovery of the pleasure of spending time in the open air, surrounded by furniture designed to create welcoming spaces that express the informal elegance inherent to the Flexform style.

This new sensitivity to and respect for the natural environment that surrounds us is closely connected to the concept of sustainability.

Indeed, the Flexform outdoor project arises from a precise vision in which product design is informed by contemporary style, functionality and the durability ensured by materials selected to withstand the effects of time and weather.

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From the best hotel chains and the most exclusive restaurants,

to the most prestigious private homes.

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