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Policy for the quality

Flexform S.p.A. takes on the task to assure the quality of its services in order to satisfy the client and to strengthen the image earned in his own sector, with the implementation of the Management System for the documented Quality.


The Quality System determines, in a systematic, planned and documented way, the scheduled activities adopted by the company. These procedures aim at achieving the following goals:

  • working by assuring the reliability of the services supplied by Flexform S.p.A. in the respect of the expressed requirements in the contractual papers;

  • constantly supervising the management risks in the respect of the requirements needed by the parts;

  • guaranteeing the leadership on all levels of the organization and putting at the disposal of the parties the suitable resources in order to maintain an improvement ;

  • respecting the laws, regulations and rules in force, in order to reach the satisfaction of the Client;

  • acquisition of new Clients, even on national and international area by adjusting to new quality and efficiency levels observed in the sector, in order to guarantee a continuous grow;

  • increasing professionalism, aiming at improving the corporate image with the achievement of the market credibility, also demonstrable with the certification;

  • assuring to the Client that the quality of the requested service is reached and will be maintained;

  • coordinating the activities that influence the performances quality;


With this aim, the Direction provides for:

  • assuring that the Quality Policy is supported by every organization level of the Company;

  • guaranteeing to the Quality Director the needed authority and resources for the constant control/supervising of the implementation process of the Quality System and for the next improvements;

  • supplying the needed resources for the achievement of the goals, both in terms of economy and organization;

  • encouraging the continuous improvement of the individual ability of every employee, through the active participation to fairs, conferences, technical debates among the same employees, so that the collaborators capability could become a corporate heritage;


The aims of the Quality are accomplished just thanks to the collaboration among the corporate resources, pursuing a coherence approach between the ones in every area and the global ones.

The continuous improvement can be pursued through:

  • the resource of significant Clients with high professionalism;

  • the development of the partnership between Clients/Suppliers, aimed at improving the supplied services;

  • the efficient management of the organization, of the professionalism and of the culture;

  • the reduction of the non-compliance and the reduction of costs;


Flexform S.p.A. is determined to pursue for the next period the following strategic goals:

  • extension of the products range by implementing it with furniture complements;

  • improvement of new markets and strengthening of the already existing ones;

  • improvement of the corporate image;

  • improvement of the productive internal processes

  • greater emphasis on the company’s environmental sustainability policy and its processes



The Direction

January the 30th 2020