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The leather weaves handcrafted by the Flexform craftsmen

Made in Italy

Our identity reflects our all-Italian values. Ours is an all-Italian success story. Our furniture is crafted in one country - Italy - from design concept to finished product. We have just one production plant, in Meda, where everything is manufactured and locally sourced.

Our products are Made in Italy; our products are Made in Meda.

“Dedication and determination have allowed us to stay true to our identity and we have built a reputation for ourselves in countries near and far. Interaction with different cultures has broadened our perspective and helped us cultivate an openness to new experiences. But our production philosophy has remained the same. Our products are prized because they are the embodiment of “Made in Italy” and because they are an almost magical distillation of elegance, comfort and inconspicuous luxury. We meet expectations. This is what we consistently give our clients, because it is in our DNA, effortlessly.”

“At Flexform, our Made in Italy philosophy also extends to our quest to employ the best artisans; their skill is evident in our products. Our sofas and other pieces of furniture require remarkable expertise, the touch of “knowing hands” that is essential to making a product of such premium manufacturing quality. The Brianza district is renowned in the world of furnishings because it is filled with specialized craftsmen whose expertise and skills are passed down from one generation to the next. The products they make are unique and unrivalled.”


Safeguarding the Made in Italy reputation also depends on the supply chain.

Leather, fabrics, wood, metal and upholstery materials must meet the highest standards. Because Flexform is known around the world for its sofas – with their trademark soft, generously padded cushions – extraordinary care goes into selecting quality feather and down fill for the cushions. These materials are luxurious, lightweight, lending warmth and softness, and are of guaranteed, certified origin. There is a global fancy for all things Italian. Authentic Italian design conjures up images of a certain lifestyle, expressed through impeccable skills and intellectual integrity. While product excellence is grounded in manufacturing quality, it is equally true that the competitive advantage of Italian style lies in its aesthetic appeal. And, beauty engenders beauty, as evidenced by the evolution of the Flexform collections. Beauty is timeless and never goes out of style. Flexform’s Italian style exemplifies this adage. Uncomplicated, discreetly sophisticated, designed for a market not driven by necessity, but by the desire an object is able to ignite.


The craftsmen who stretch the leather before cutting it.
An artisan hammering the leather into the sofa frame
A craftsman who screws the allen screws of a frame
An artisan arranging two pieces of woven leather
Templates for fabrics with hand written annotations
Fabric cutting table with workers at work
View from the factory with the workers' machines at work
View from the factory with the workers' machines at work
Warehouse with stacked sofa and armchair structures
The seamstresses at work in the Meda factory (Italy)
Spools of fabric
Hands fitting a cover on a sofa cushion