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Fabrics, leathers, wood and metal are chosen to meet the highest quality standards, and are sustainably sourced nearby.
Flexform uses only Assopiuma Gold Certified goose down to ensure the highest quality in terms of raw materials and manufacturing processes. This certification guarantees the utmost respect for the environment, processes and the animals themselves.
Flexform goose down is obtained from animals used as a food source, that were neither force-fed nor live-plucked.
Product durability is directly related to environmental sustainability. Long-lasting items create less waste and pollution by not going into landfills, requiring transport and the ensuing CO2 emissions. Crafted of the finest materials, using the most advanced manufacturing techniques, Flexform products are made to last.


Gold label that certifies the origin of the feathers
Leather weaves
Leather scraps stacked
Braided river rope
Stacked chair structures