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Two armchairs with leather weaving and wooden structure

Style according to Flexform

Flexform produces a vast collection of home furnishings but its focus is on sofas, the company’s core business. Internationally renowned for its living room decor items, the company’s product range also extends to the dining room and bedroom.
Elegance is the constant. The distinctive qualities that express the values of a brand and define the spirit of its collections can be subtle. If luxury is defined as superfluous, useless abundance and excess, the term certainly does not apply to Flexform.
The company’s aesthetic language is more accurately expressed through the concept of discreet elegance that translates to uncluttered shapes and soft, never ostentatious, materials. The Flexform world is one of good manners and good taste, a kind of artistic finesse. A Flexform sofa is like a blue blazer in the world of fashion: simple, deconstructed, refined, down to the smallest detail.
“Flexform embodies a piece of history in the world of designer furnishings in Italy, and the appeal of our timeless products will endure for a long time, unaffected by fads that come and go.”
Fashionable trends have little to do with the key values inherent to Flexform.
Design consistency is a model that rejects the lure of fashions that attract short-lived praise but cannot reap lasting success. It relies on the discreet and reassuring elegance of the collections, with their understated refinement, irresistible charm, and sleek, clean lines, where the aesthetic expression of elegance lies in revealing the essential. Contemporary styling that is never loud or aggressive – but persuasively silent – yet imbued with aesthetic expression, thanks to the balanced proportions, exquisite materials, fabrics and finishes that make every living room configuration a true island of emotional wellbeing. The timeless approach to design is a balanced blend of refined lightness that is never outdated. A symphony of tasteful elegance and moderation; an understated, eternally modern approach. And, above all, tactile and visual comfort – the warm, enveloping feeling of an oasis experienced by anyone who sinks into a Flexform sofa, surrounded by cozy, familiar objects – armchairs, side tables, accessories – that create an intimate, cocoon-like effect.
Flexform’s mission is to firmly uphold its promise of superior quality, aware of the fact that if the home environment is an aesthetic expression, the beauty of a sofa can enhance quality of life.
Effortless Style accurately describes the essence of Flexform collections. Serene, relaxing, understated spaces with rare accents of color, illuminated by linen, cotton and cashmere fabrics in a subtly balanced “Morandi palette” of neutral tones like ivory and sand, warm grays and in an array of elegant metal finishes, and leathers in shades of cowhide, tobacco, honey and dove gray.
The overall effect is a kind of inviting visual and tactile comfort that puts everyone at ease.
“Each and every sofa sets the scene for a medley of different uses” - Antonio Citterio.
Relaxing, reading, watching TV, working on your laptop, texting, dining. The sofa is the central star, surrounded by an ecosystem of supporting actors: chaise longues, armchairs, side tables and ottomans work in concert to create an island in the sun – a truly “duty-free” zone. To achieve that safe, homey, sophisticated nest-refuge feeling means to have fully grasped the subtext of contemporary lifestyles. A new social phenomenon is evolving that bears out Flexform’s distinct penchant for delivering elegance rather than luxury. An affluent, sophisticated, but never flashy, ‘inconspicuous consumer’ profile is on the rise around the world – people who prefer to surround themselves with beautiful things, not for appearance-sake, but for their intrinsic qualities. This is the Flexform customer.
“Our customers are discerning and feel the need to set themselves apart. Like us, at Flexform, they realize the only way to do that is to personify an innate elegance that requires just a few carefully selected pieces with which to surround themselves”.
“The common denominator in every Flexform product is that it is easily recognized, designed for everyday life and always easy to use.” - Antonio Citterio


Leather and metal details
Base of the Cestone sofa with leather straps
Detail of the Magi chaise longue in leather
Detail of the Infinity bookcase with tobacco leather box
Combination of marble and wood
Straw weaves of the Tessa armchair
Detail of a console in Canaletto wood
Two armchair backrests made with woven leather