Modern modular sofas, the pleasure to create

The freedom of creating the most suitable solution for their own requests. This is the main feature of modern modular sofas. Unlimited solutions that allow to indulge in the space, according to a style which will never be untrendy. Variable and modular, FLEXFORM modern modular sofas can speak a language that is able to answer, always in a new way, to the requests of contemporary living.
The models proposed by FLEXFORM symbolize the perfect example of how it is possible to play with the surrounding space. For example, modern modular sofas like Groundpiece, Adda, Soft Dream, Zeno, Evergreen, Cestone and many other: behind these names hides a wide and versatile collection of products.

Two, three, four seater sofa:  modern modular sofas

Zeno and Zeno Light sectional sofas distinguish from the others for their versatility. Available with different depths for the two solutions – Zeno is low and ground-based, Zeno Light raised from the floor – they give life to two, three or four seater sofas and they can count in a various, articulated and extremely flexible abacus.
An elegant two, three, or four seater sectional sofa, bestseller for flexibility and versatility in configuration is the Lifesteel sofa. Raised from the ground with a metal frame, low backrest and deep seats, LIFESTEEL shows a particular squared shape armrest, which has the same height as the backrest. Sober and light aesthetics and great balance in the proportions in every configuration of the sofa.
Among modern modular sofas, two, three seater Victor sofa deserves a leading position: a model with a gentle, simple and sober look that starting from the Eighties has been a prominent model for FLEXFORM.