Modern L-shape sofas. Creating the right atmosphere with a focus on comfort

FLEXFORM believes that luxury means devoting time to quality, knowing how to create spaces where people can enjoy spending time alone or with others. The modern L-shape sofas are perfect for enhancing these valuable moments and creating a muted, elegant atmosphere that complements the concept of timeless elegance.
The modern L-shape sofas are sectional sofas that adapt to any type of space, furnishing an area with that laidback elegance that distinguishes the brand.

Modern L-shape sofas: well-being in the heart of the home

Neutral colours similar to those used by the painter Giorgio Morandi in his still-life art, fabrics that are pleasing to the touch and sight, and structures that cocoon like a warm embrace are the distinctive features of FLEXFORM’s modern L-shape sofas, which, when positioned in the heart of a living room, offer a safe place to regain a sense of well-being.
One of the numerous models in the catalogue is Eros, which is the archetypal sofa as it can be adapted to any requirements. Solid, firmly rooted to the floor, with a seat, armrests and cushions padded with soft down, Eros emanates a sensation of relaxation and simplicity. Antonio Citterio, instead, designed Groundpiece, a model that has revolutionised the concept of sofa, introducing new proportions and measurements. It is an informal sofa, low and deep, which with its comfortable seat guarantees pure relaxation. With a design of infinite configurations, it performs various functions and is also available in a bed version with padded headboard. Lastly, SoftDream is a soft sofa which, as the name suggests, makes you want to daydream, with its soft cushions supported by a thin metal base upholstered in leather.
Comfort, elegance and care of details make the L-shape sofas genuine havens of luxury and beauty, because if living is an aesthetic gesture, even the beauty of a sofa enhances the quality of life.