Modern corner sofas: a temple of peace in the contemporary living room

When the dimensions of a living room allow, one of the most charming solutions for bringing sophistication and elegance to the room is to add modern corner sofas, which are ideal for creating a conversation corner with numerous seating places. A living room has multiple different functions, being the ideal place for relaxing after a working day, but also a place devoted to fun and entertainment, a place in which to rediscover the pleasure of conversation.

Modern corner sofas: moments of relaxation by FLEXFORM

Modern corner sofas by FLEXFORM are the perfect solution to the desire to create a small oasis of peace at home. The comfort of the seats, the delicate but understated colour palette and the beauty of their overall appearance play a leading role in achieving this goal.
Some of FLEXFORM’s top models of corner sofas include Adagio, created by the American architect Daniel Libeskind, a product with a destructured design that embodies all the visionary styling of its designer. Eros, instead, is one of FLEXFORM’s signature pieces, which offers the possibility of infinite configurations. The large, comfortable seat relies on large ottomans to complete the furnishing of a contemporary living room. Lastly, Lightpiece by Antonio Citterio, is a lighter version of Groundpiece. This sofa has a very large structure that can comfortably seat numerous people, but also hold several books in its armrests, combining the pleasure of conversation with that of reading.

FLEXFORM’s sober and elegant modern corner sofas are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality thanks to their clean, sophisticated lines, their infinite comfort and the wonderful tactile sensation of the high quality fabrics used, which together give you a feeling of intense well-being.