A collection of Living room Sofas

The Flexform sofa collection has played a key role in redefining the living room, the place that, more than any other, reflects the changes in contemporary lifestyles.

Flexform living room sofas are true seating systems designed to make relaxation an everyday pleasure.

The living room sofas designed by Flexform make it possible to create the most varied compositions and can be paired with many companion pieces, like serving tables, armrests and seat backs with shelves that can be used for many purposes.

Designer Sofas for Contemporary Living room decor

Functionality-inspired designs and 100% Made-in-Italy quality are among Flexform’s deeply-rooted values.

Flexform living room sofas are soft, welcoming islands – the stage upon which domestic life unfolds – that aspire to combine sophisticated elegance and superb functionality.

Providing unrivaled comfort, the generous, soft goose-down seat and seat back cushions are the trademark feature of most of Flexform’s living room sofas.