FLEXFORM leather sofas: Italian elegance and superior quality.

Relaxing, reading, watching tv, working with the computer, phone calling, having dinner: the sofa is nowadays the main character of a home. It is a happy island, a real free zone. FLEXFORM Italian leather sofas are made with high quality and great aesthetic value. Neat lines, sober and comforting elegance make sofas the main focus of the living area, able to perfectly adapt to every ambience.

Flexform is a family affair. The company embodies a powerful piece of history in the world of high-end designer furnishings and Italian-made quality. Leather furniture and sofas reflect a corporate mission that places design and absolute comfort at its core, combined with an elegance that is both understated and reassuring, features that have made the timeless style of Flexform collections unmistakable. 

The Flexform world is made up of good taste and artistic grace. No matter where in the world it is, a Flexform sofa immediately says home


Modern leather sofas

The vast array of modern leather Flexform sofas is made up of extremely high-quality products with great aesthetic appeal. 
Leather is a prized material that enhances the timeless style of Flexform products. The company selects leather of the highest quality, whose natural beauty is highlighted through tanning processes designed to maintain its entirely natural appearance and feel. In addition to the superior raw materials used in their construction, the clean lines and understated elegance of Flexform modern leather sofas lend them authentic star status in any living room.


Design leather sofas 

Flexform’s design leather sofas have played a key role in redefining the language of contemporary living. Heralding new standards and concepts in home furnishings, they clearly reflect the complex changes in today’s lifestyles.
The use of a luxurious material like leather, combined with sleek, harmonious designs, is the winning formula behind designer leather sofas that exude exquisite charm and timeless style.


Leather corner sofas 

The vast selection of leather corner sofas in the Flexform collection translates to effortless personalization of one’s living room, making it unique. Thanks to the brilliant versatility of the leather corner sofas, each style fits comfortably in the most disparate settings. The aim is to create true islands of wellbeing in which one can feel at ease and fully appreciate the meaning of contemporary living. 


High quality materials and finishings for Italian leather sofas characterized by a unique elegance

FLEXFORM offers a wide range of models and many collections that satisfy every requests. Sectional, linear, modular sofas or versatile chaiselongue that can be realized in different solutions, customized in details and sizes.
The leather upholstery is very precious since the choice of the full grain leathers of very high quality and softness. A sophisticated choice for whom is searching for a tactile and visive comfort. FLEXFORM Italian leather sofas are resistant and enduring, always elegant. First quality leather offers a pleasant tactile sensation.

Italian leather sofas are influenced by FLEXFORM style, which distinctive trait is the elegance of the wide and soft lines, characterized by a sort of aesthetic kindness that overcome the trends. Collection with essential lines and precious materials that marvelously fit every ambience. A range of nuances of leather and nabuk transmits the elegance.

From light monochromatic tones like beige and tobacco to dark tones of dark brown and Bordeaux. Choosing FLEXFORM means to choose a furniture piece with materials and finishings of great quality.