Large sectional sofa, for a sensation of total well-being

Timeless elegance, comfort and quality are the distinctive features of the large sectional sofas made by FLEXFORM, a company that epitomises Italian excellence. Simple, clean lines together with excellent craftsmanship and extreme comfort characterise these sofas, which were designed to nonchalantly furnish large spaces with multi-faceted compositions that create an ambience of rare beauty.
The large sectional sofa proposed by FLEXFORM is the perfect combination of maximum comfort and muted sophistication. The models proposed allow you to freely adapt forms and colours to your spaces, creating rooms with a style that is contemporary but also warm and reassuring at the same time. The catalogue features, among many others, the model Adda designed by Antonio Citterio, a sofa with clean lines and a simple, contemporary beauty, which offers an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the home. Groundpiece, instead, is surprisingly versatile, adapting well, with its soft, enveloping form, to any type of environment.

Large sectional sofa, compositional beauty

The words dynamic and destructured perfectly describe Adagio designed by Daniel Libeskind, an elegant but light sofa, with a shape that is irregular like a cloud, but also solid and architectural like a sculpture. This effect is achieved by combining different volumes with an asymmetrical chaise longue element, uniting the visionary creativity of the American architect with a linear, subdued beauty – a core concept of the brand.
Instead, Pleasure is a large sectional sofa which just from the name promises pleasure and total relaxation. If the saying that beauty lies in simplicity is true then this model embodies that philosophy to perfection, with its structure resting on a metal base and a varied range of elements that enable numerous configurations to be created, making it suitable for every environment.
Clean, elegant forms, high quality materials and local manufacturing are the key words of the large sectional sofas, which astonish for their strength and timeless beauty, words that are synonymous with Italian style throughout the world.