Corner sectional sofas: elegant living with FLEXFORM

FLEXFORM’s philosophy of quiet, understated elegance adapts perfectly to the timeless furniture of a living room, the first impression of a house, but above all the beating heart around which all the activities of its owners revolve. Using corner sectional sofas in large areas not only gives character to a room, but also makes it a “place to be”, a place where guests can enjoy a cocktail party or simply spend time relaxing.

Corner sectional sofas: sophisticated ambience for quality time

The discreet, reassuring elegance and contemporary style of their design and a look to the past make FLEXFORM corner sectional sofas perfect for achieving a sophisticated ambience, thanks also to their delicate, understated colour tones. The result is a calming, subtle beauty, a piece that is ideal for spending quality time, a luxury in today’s world.
One of the most characteristic corner sectional sofas in FLEXFORM’s extensive catalogue is Groundpiece by Antonio Citterio, which features a very large structure suitable for anyone wishing to spend the evening reading a book in total relaxation. Eros instead is a sofa with infinite possibilities thanks to its numerous modular pieces. Combining contemporary style and the philosophy of the Lombard company is Adagio, created by the archistar Daniel Libeskind, which has a destructured, visionary design but is also extremely comfortable and functional.
The refined, light style of FLEXOFORM’s corner sectional sofas make them ideal for achieving a timeless atmosphere: the end result is a visual and tactile comfort that puts everyone at ease and seductively charms not only with its soft colour tones but also with the beauty of the overall appearance.