Contemporary living room sofas: the discreet charm of modernity

Understated elegance achieved using simple, clean lines and compositional variety distinguish FLEXFORM’s collection of contemporary living room sofas, unique models designed to create a comfortable area in your home, with plenty of opportunity for expressing individuality, and a special focus on modern trends.
Contemporary style, for the FLEXFORM brand, does not mean excess and extravagance, noise and ostentation – on the contrary, moderation and sophistication go hand in hand to create products that perfectly embody current styles but give them a timeless quality. The approach to the design of contemporary sofas is once again muted, with a focus on design, volumes and colours that reflect an understated, evergreen vision.

Contemporary sofas: a look at the past to create the future

The epitome of the philosophy of modern style with timeless elegance of FLEXFORM’s contemporary living room sofas is Max, a historic, iconic piece from the Lombard brand designed by Antonio Citterio, whose sinuous forms and lightness, present also in the optical upholstery, has seen it achieve cult status in the collective imagination. Happy-Hour, instead, is a lighter reinterpretation of the iconic Bergere form, while Cronos, whose name already evokes a timeless atmosphere, updates the classic forties sofa with solid wood structure and curved wooden armrests. Zeus instead is a unique object with a strong personality. The back, which is high on all sides and gently inclined outwards, acts like a protective shell enveloping the body. This model is perfect for furnishing public places such as VIP lounges or hotel lobbies, but also has an original, characterful presence in the home.
Modernity and a look to the past are combined to produce products with contemporary shapes that are never ostentatious, but subdued and understated, and for this reason filled with a beauty that remains timeless.