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Italy, Treviso


Escape from the city to live in the country for many, only a distant dream; for others, a radical lifestyle change carried out with mindful determination.

Such was the case with Paola and Maurizio, a pair of working professionals who relocated from Geneva to the countryside outside Treviso. A transition facilitated by an old, woefully neglected farm ‒ inherited by Maurizio (whose family is native to the area) ‒ and by 13,000+ square meters of land surrounded by canals.

The couple entrusted the design of their new home to friend and architect, Silvio Stefani of the Metamorphosi104 architecture studio, asking him to design a building that would blend unobtrusively with the surrounding countryside. The home is composed of two rectangular structures arranged to form an L. The living - dining room, kitchen and bedrooms with attached bath are located in the main building, while the adjacent building hosts the service areas (like the laundry room) and the garage. Large floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the living and dining areas in natural light, marking the passage of time and the rhythm of the seasons.

Set like an island of relaxation at the center of the living room is a lavish arrangement of the Groundpiece seating system, flanked on one side by a Thomas armchair, an Oliver side table and a Piuma cabinet overlapped by a Fly side table. Anchoring the other side are a pair of Giano ottomans and a Fly side table.

Lee armchairs, strategically placed alongside the fireplace, are paired with an Ascanio side table.

A Fly dining table, accompanied by Crono dining chairs in Canaletto walnut and cowhide, defines the area adjacent to the kitchen.

Space was carved out in the bedroom for the Any Day desk and Echoes S.H. armchair.

Near a window shaded by gauze draperies is a Dragonfly 20 armchair and a Jiff side table.

An Ortigia S.H. armchair in the walk-in closet lends comfort to dressing, while a Fly side table and Tindari ottoman provide practical accents.

In front of the window are a Lee settee, Jiff side tables and Feel Good ottoman.