Small modern sofas: simplicity and perfectly formed

Contemporary houses today are ‘nesting refuges’, places in which their inhabitants can feel safe surrounded by objects that transmit feelings of well-being and beauty. Falling into this category are the small modern sofas by FLEXFORM which, with their elegance, neutral colours and simple, clean lines, fit perfectly into the home environment. Their presence is invaluable when they are matched with sectional sofas in large areas or used alone to furnish small but cosy rooms.

Small modern sofas: delicate elegance and light structures in a reduced size

The philosophy of subdued, understated elegance that distinguishes FLEXFORM is also seen in the design of its small modern sofas, which are a sophisticated blend of the company’s master craftsmanship, care of details and ability to blend tradition with modernity to achieve effortless beauty.

One of the most popular models of the small modern sofas is Boss, a structured sofa with a rigid, padded back and a soft feather-filled cushion for the seat, which is flanked by two slim armrests that lighten the overall effect. Small but elegant, it can furnish a waiting room or complement a larger sofa. Doralice, instead, designed by Antonio Citterio, has a wooden structure which is upholstered up to its wooden feet. Its retro, charming appearance is ideal for smaller spaces in the home, but it is also perfect for cleverly furnishing lounge areas and public spaces. Combining elegance and quality, Guscio has an original ‘bean’ shape and a multifaceted design, again conceived by Citterio, which was created for daily, informal use.

The small modern sofas bring together the philosophy of the company which, with understated elegance and attention to details, has created products that incorporate two personalities, one of which is contemporary while the other is associated to the manufacturing values of the past, resulting in a timeless charm.