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Antonio Citterio

Composed of soft upholstered pieces that can be combined among themselves, the Perry seating system heralds a new way of designing living spaces with innovative arrangements, using modules whose irregular shape makes it possible to break up the linearity of furniture configurations lending them a more dynamic flow and more casual appearance.

Contours generously padded in goose down, discreet proportions, sophisticated tailoring details – like the piping that outlines the silhouette of the upholstered pieces – are just some of the distinctive features of this unconventional design.

Another key aspect of the Perry seating system is the option to replace the traditional upholstered armrest with an elegant and equally functional cowhide-clad container with a handy compartment for storing throws, magazines and books or to insert a wood coffee table among the upholstered pieces, lending originality and functionality to the arrangement.

The variety of available modules – stand-alone, L-shaped and asymmetrical seating elements, ottomans and chaise longues, cowhide-clad storage, and wood coffee tables – allow for the creation of a great number of arrangements: from more compact stand-alone versions, ideal for face-to-face placement, to larger, more complex solutions, designed to enliven a distinctly contemporary domestic landscape.

Technical details

Structure in solid wood with variable density polyurethane foam padding enveloped in protective laminated fabric and an external layer of sterilized goose down (Assopiuma certified, gold label)

Magazine-holder armrest in metal, clad in cowhide in these colors: sand 5001, olive 5006, tobacco 5015, russian red 5008, dark brown 5004, extra dark brown 5013, grey 5003, black 5005, dark brown suede 6004, black suede 6005, olive suede 6003, sand suede 6001. Base in epoxy powder-coated metal, glossy anthracite color. Sits on feet made of thermoplastic material

Optional cushions in sterilized goose down (Assopiuma certified, gold label); optional cushions are upon request with upcharge

Sofa and armrest base in epoxy powder-coated metal, glossy anthracite color. Sits on feet made of thermoplastic material 

Upholstery is removable in both the fabric and leather versions 

Upholstery piping upholstery detailing includes grosgrain piping that can be crafted in all the colors on the sample board, including in the pvc/leather-look finish

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