The concept for this design curated by Terraza Balear takes inspiration from the idea of a "nesting refuge". The need to allow ourselves time to relax in a welcoming, comfortable place, like an imaginary cocoon.

The home features typical Mediterranean architecture, offering its inhabitants a calm, comfortable and serene atmosphere.

The color palette is made up of neutral shades with brush strokes of green, a harmonious combination of luxurious materials and finishes, exclusive wallpaper and decorative elements that all contribute to designing sophisticated settings beyond the bounds of time and fashion.

In true Terraza Balear decor style, the living room, kitchen, dining room and terrace seem to flow, interconnected, from one to another, completely erasing the formal boundaries between indoors and out.

An authentic island of comfort in the living area is centered around the Asolo sofa. Its generous yet well-balanced proportions, couture upholstery tailoring and attention to even the smallest construction details are all unmistakable signs of the quintessential Flexform style, imbued with informal elegance. The sofa is complemented by a Joyce armchair, which also makes a separate appearance in the bedroom, providing the perfect place from which to enjoy the natural panorama framed by the windows.

Courtesy Terraza Balear