The architectural design for this enchanting private home is by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos of Mexico City. The impressive project is informed by the blending of clearly defined proportions and the use of sophisticated materials – like travertine on the exterior facade and interior walls, luxurious marble with amber veining on the floors and walnut on the ceilings and bedroom floors.

The result is a decor statement that transcends the bounds of time and fashion, combining different elements while maintaining a warm, welcoming ambiance.

The interior design project was developed by the prestigious KM Interiores that rose to the owner’s challenge to shape spaces where every detail is finely crafted while highlighting the architectural features. The home has many welcoming spaces in which to enjoy the company of family and friends. In fact, it has four living rooms, four bedrooms and two dining rooms.

Two Adda sofas, upholstered in a textured fabric in shades of grey and embellished with powder blue decorative cushions, were selected to furnish the first living space, adjacent to the dining room. Fly coffee/side tables round out the room’s decor – one with top in Calacatta Gold marble and the other in Canaletto walnut. Two Hera armchairs and a Magi bench offer additional relaxing seating.

The second living room is more intimate and family-oriented. It is furnished with an expansive arrangement of the Groundpiece sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio. The ingenious Infinity bookcase, whose modules give rise to an elegant interplay of negative and positive spaces, adorns the wall.

Interior design: KM Interiores

Architecture: Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Credits: Piso18