New 2020 Designer  Christophe Pillet

A small family of seating elements with big personalities calls to mind echoes of other seemingly contrasting times and cultures – Mediterranean and Scandinavian, both rustic and delicate, déjà vu and yet, timeless.

Its construction displays a bold material contrast: the structure is in sleek metal while the seat and backrest are made of fine woven paper or paper rush cord – complex craftsmanship reminiscent of traditional methods and still performed entirely by hand.

A soft optional cushion can be added to the armchair to ensure the utmost comfort.

Technical Specifications

Structure in metal with satin, chrome, black chrome, burnished or white 100 finish

Seat / backrest in 316 stainless steel with woven paper rush cord; or, in pure cellulose paper cord, in natural 4002 or anthracite 4005 color

Feet rest on tips made of thermoplastic material

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