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Italy, Lake Alserio


The spectacular interlacing of sleek, sharp spaces is the distinctive architectural feature of this truly spellbinding private home.

The decidedly contemporary design by Architect Annalisa Mauri pays due respect to its setting, a small town on the shores of Lake Alserio, among the softly rolling hills of Brianza.

The geography of the site influenced the flow of the building, expressed through well-defined geometric spaces featuring large sliding glass windows and glass spandrels that offer seamless visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

True to the homeowner’s origins, the name “Villa Aghe” comes from the Friulano word for water. The element plays a key role, as evidenced by two swimming pools, one outdoors and the other inside the home, where two Atlante daybeds form a cozy relaxation area.

And yet, light is truly the most lavish element in this design. Light that fills the home at all hours of the day and nourishes the lush growth of a vast collection of indoor plants – most of them rare species of succulents.

The interior design choices also echo the interplay between indoors and out, creating a series of rooms designed to allow the entire family to fully enjoy each of the spaces all year round.

The main part of the building hosts the soaring living room with a dramatic fireplace that visually connects the ground floor and the upstairs.

A stand-alone Gregory sofa near the fireplace is upholstered in an elegant shade of green. A different shade of green was selected to upholster a large corner arrangement of the Gregory sofa that holds court in the large upstairs living room, where it is paired with a Joyce armchair, Fly coffee table and Tessa ottoman.

A large Iseo dining table in the adjacent area is surrounded by Echoes dining chairs, with their slender metal structure and woven paper rush cord seat and backrest.