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USA, Palo Alto


Living outdoors while staying at home: this is the norm at the Waverley Residence, home to a young couple that settled in a historic residential neighborhood in Palo Alto, California. Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects envisioned two main buildings: the house and a yoga-fitness studio, connected by a lightweight covered walkway with a slatted wood ceiling.

The main building is solid and audaciously simple, enhanced by artisan-crafted accents, like the bronze-trimmed windows and ceiling panels. The three floors are connected by a stone stairway that highlights the horizontal and vertical energy of the design. Large picture windows ensure ready views of the splendid garden and lush surrounding greenery.

Part of the ground floor is dedicated to the open-plan kitchen that can be closed off with a unique, retractable metal mesh curtain. The adjacent living room features a fireplace made of hand-fired Danish bricks.

Relaxation and comfort are ensured by an impressive arrangement of the Groundpiece sofa, embellished with practical saddle-hide clad bookcase armrests.

Design: EYRC Architects

Photos: Matthew Millman Photography