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USA, California


This spectacular architectural feat is the result of complex site analyses conducted by Faulkner Architects to better understand the fascinating geology of the location.

The creative process was sparked by the challenge of building a private home on a majestic, but not easy, mountainside where the steep terrain is made up of volcanic sediment and surrounded by a thick forest of white fir.

The layout of the home’s living spaces takes into account not only the orientation of the slope and light, but also functionality, including direct access to the ski slopes.

Exposed concrete walls and large floor-to-ceiling windows promote the seamless transition between indoors and out. Walnut floors and ceilings from the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains infuse the rooms with a warm, yet minimalist vibe, creating a calm, serene atmosphere in absolute communion with nature.

Two sofas, ottomans and a cowhide-clad coffee table from the Groundpiece seating system, designed by Antonio Citterio, furnish the area in front of the massive concrete and stone fireplace, while an Evergreen sofa, also designed by Antonio Citterio, was selected to complete the furnishings on the upper floor.

Project: Faulkner Architects

Photo/s: Joe Fletcher