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Switzerland, Ascona


Sky, water, views that fade into nothingness, layered horizontal spaces that contrast with alpine verticality: we are not at the seaside, nor on an island peak, nor on board a yacht, but in a magnificent home in Ascona, amid the Swiss Alps. The home enjoys a spectacular view of Lake Maggiore and lies near the main square of this town known for its Mediterranean microclimate.
The design choices by Küchel Architects are oriented toward life on the sea a wood deck, an impressive use of steel, the absence of visual obstacles, vast windows, straight lines that end in curves, preventing sharp corners.
Between futuristic choices and design icons, to enjoy the view, one can choose the cozy corner with Feel Good Soft armchairs or sit comfortably on the Groundpiece sofa by Antonio Citterio, a time-tested classic in the Flexform collection.

Architectural/Interior Project: Küchel Architects
Photography: Reto Guntli & Agi Simoes