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Japan, Ashiya

An enchanting private residence near the famous city of Kobe. The design for this striking architectural project was entrusted to the prominent Maniera Architects & Associates.

The building is a singular clustering of perfectly symmetrical shapes and meticulously clean lines. The interior decor choices tend to shape spaces that elicit a sense of soothing wellbeing.

Sliding doors divide the living room into two separate spaces.

Focal point in the first of these is a spacious arrangement of the Groundpiece sofa, ideal for relaxing while enjoying music from the piano. On the other side of the sliding doors, adjacent to the kitchen, is the impressive Fly dining table with top in Emperador marble, and surrounded by Isabel chairs in tobacco color cowhide. In front of the TV, in the same space, is the elegant, sophisticated Wing sofa. Rounding out the decor are Fly coffee/side tables in front of the sofa and the exceptionally comfortable Guscioalto Light armchair, with its distinctive high back. A Feel Good ottoman is paired with the armchair.

Courtesy of Maniera Architects & Associates Co., LTD