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Italy, Piacenza


This home in the Val Tidone hills (in the Province of Piacenza) is the weekend retreat for a communications specialist who lives and works in Milan and loves to spend the weekends with her partner and beloved dogs.

After a lengthy search for a rustic farmhouse in the area, the homeowner found a piece of land in the perfect location and decided to build from the ground up, entrusting the project to Dutch architect Geert Koster.

The concept for this house is a contemporary take on country stables which, in this rural area is usually one long facade, a typical example of vernacular architecture. However, although the house embodies clear references to regional traditions, the character of its exteriors and interiors is purely modern.

Here, everything is an exercise in sustainability – from the location and orientation of the building (to optimize solar exposure) to the choice of materials with outstanding insulating capability, to the geothermal heating and air conditioning system.  

The interior design choices were made to craft rooms filled with an air of warmth and relaxation.

In the large wood-paneled kitchen, the table is made for entertaining, with guests comfortably seated on First Steps chairs designed by Christophe Pillet.
An especially comfortable Asolo sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio, was chosen to furnish the living room, and paired with the Any Day coffee table by Christophe Pillet, a Bangkok ottoman and Gatsby armchair.

Two Gatsby armchairs upholstered in a vibrant shade of rust fabric and a Tris side table are placed near the large window that frames the view of the valley.