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Italy, Imperia

The concept for this project by Studio Giordano Hadamik Architects for a single-family home set in the hillside overlooking the Gulf of Imperia is marked by its unobtrusive integration into the terraced Ligurian landscape.

The house was designed and built in compliance with strict guidelines for eco-sustainability. The partially-subterranean envelope is extremely well-insulated. Control of passive solar gain, along with the use of renewable energy, significantly reduces energy consumption while enhancing living comfort and bringing the building’s performance to Passivhaus levels. Many prestigious international awards, including The Plan Award 2017, Live Outside the Box 2015, Best Housing Development Project of the Year 2017, to name just a few, have been bestowed on the home.

Formed by two partially underground single-story spaces clad in natural stone, the home’s façade is opened by large windows facing the sea.

The living area is dedicated to conversation and socializing, while the bedrooms are designed for intimacy and quiet time.

A corner arrangement of the Asolo seating system, a pair of Tessa armchairs and Pico and Fly coffee/side tables comfortably furnish the area adjacent to the wood-paneled fireplace.

The open-plan kitchen has a lighthearted vibe, designed as a calm, laid-back space to prepare and enjoy meals.

Arrayed in front of the island are First Steps bar stools, while the Pico dining table is surrounded by comfortable upholstered Joyce dining chairs, making it a favorite for lunches and dinners with friends, especially during the seasons when outdoor dining isn’t an option.

In the intimate, cozy bedroom, a Gregory bed is paired with a Piuma bedside table and Guscio armchair.

The Giordano Hadamik Architects design maximizes the natural habitat, incorporating the beauty of the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the home.