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When we think about the Fiji Islands, dreamlike images of exotic, distant, natural beauty suddenly appear. A little-known fact is that this paradise in the heart of the Pacific Ocean is also a crossroads between East and West, alive and full of cultural exchange, and much more. This core perception inspired the project by Patterson Associates, a beachfront home for a professional couple who work abroad but were born here and proudly maintain their Fijian roots.

Many of the integral elements and materials, like the plastered concrete and the rich coral stone wall, were sourced locally. The exterior aluminum panels are both decorative and functional, serving as sunshades and also as storm shutters.

This home was designed to accommodate large family reunions, where the kitchen and common areas are the heart of the house. Stylistically, the house blends international flair with tropical surroundings, privacy and sharing, past traditions and modern living. The Groundpiece sofa and Fly coffee table are choices that attest to the desire for a minimalist focus, for purity of form and for making sure everything is relaxation-worthy, the ideal condition for getting the most enjoyment out of a unique setting like this.

Design: Patterson

Photo/s: Simon Devitt Photographer