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New ad campaign | Groundpiece

Launched in January with an image dedicated to the Campiello sofa, Flexform’s new advertising campaign is now introducing its second theme subject – the Groundpiece sofa – also designed by Antonio Citterio and, since 2001, among its most popular styles globally.

In the interpretation produced by Beatrice Rossetti and Federico Cedrone, respectively art director and photographer of the new campaign, the sofa reclaims its place as the undisputed star of the room.

Rather than an anonymous living space, they created a conceptual stage setting for the sofa, photographed in a rough yet refined setting made up of large Emperador marble walls and sophisticated lighting that sculpts the shapes with its lens.

In counterpoint to all this sophisticated understatement is the presence of a human figure, that of a young woman, portrayed while comfortably seated on the Groundpiece sofa, a universally appreciated seating system, specifically because of the warm welcoming feeling it conveys.

The new image of the Groundpiece sofa will appear in more than 40 countries around the world in the most authoritative and prestigious design, fashion, lifestyle and news publications.