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Adv 2023 with Perry sofa shooted by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Ad Campaign Launch | Perry

Set to launch in May is the ad campaign focused on the Perry seating system, designed by Antonio Citterio.

Developed by art director Christoph Radl and entrusted to the visionary talent of photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, the new Flexform campaign is a cross-media communication project. It calls for dissemination of the advertising message in prestigious international publications as well as through highly profiled digital platforms that ensure excellent brand visibility around the globe.

As in the previous campaigns, the creative idea developed by Christoph Radl and Pierpaolo Ferrari plays off the element of the unexpected, suggesting a story – leaving ample room for imagination and individual interpretation – in an interplay of scenic effects that is then narrated fully in the video.

Like a theatrical scene, the happening – a balancing act with an ironic edge – involves a man and a woman and takes place in an elegant living room in which the Perry sofa is the true protagonist. 

All of the videos shot on the set will be released on the company’s social channels over the next few days.