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Whether used as a seat or as a handy table, the multi-functional Lotus stool is clearly inspired by the concept of Good Design that sets apart all of the company’s products. The Lotus stool is made entirely of solid wood, in a number of finishes. A sleek slot-opening in the upper part of the stool allows it to be moved easily. The ends of the legs are finished with die-cast metal alloy tips and nylon pads.

It is strongly advised that the respective covers be used to keep the Lotus stool in top condition and prolong their original beauty as much as possible.

Technical details

Structure in solid iroko wood with natural finish, stained grey, stained brown, lacquered white

Feet in die-cast zama with matte brushed or burnished finish. Rests on pads made of thermoplastic material

Cover in waterproof material; the cover is upon request, with upcharge

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