The Flexform New York flagship store, launched in March of 2012 and, ever since, a magnet for the Big Apple’s design community, recently underwent a major renovation.

The new display project was curated by the company’s Design Center and faithfully reflects that of the corporate showroom in Meda, Italy. Floors and walls in travertine, ceilings in dark wood, dividing walls clad in luxurious marble and an enchanting “winter garden” create an exhibit space synonymous with Flexform style – imbued with understated elegance, beyond the bounds of time and trends.

Displayed in the Flexform New York showroom are all the most representative products from the company’s collection – from the new Campiello and Newbridge seating systems to their best-seller Groundpiece, Adda Soft Dream and Cestone counterparts – paired with a vast selection of armchairs and sophisticated complementary pieces and accessories.