Over the last two months, FLEXFORM has opened three new Flagship stores in Asia and America.
A refined megastore in the luxurious mall of Chengdu, a growing megalopolis in the heart of China, hosts a wide exhibition of FLEXFORM bestsellers and new products. The layout of this showroom is aligned with the look of FLEXFORM booth at the Salone del Mobile and this aims at keeping the same FLEXFORM image and style all over the world.
FLEXFORM has inaugurated a new flagship store in the historical Polanco district in Masaryk Avenue, in Mexico City. The new FLEXFORM space is located on the first floor of a building with wide windows that emphasize the collection, giving a strong impact.
For the first time, FLEXFORM enters the Malaysian market, thanks to the opening of a big store in Kuala Lumpur. FLEXFORM relaxed elegance is gradually getting into the Asian market that is becoming more and more sensitive towards the quality of Made in Italy products.