The essence of the solid wood, used for FLEXFORM and Flexform MOOD products are the following: oak, ashwood, canaletto walnut, feather mahogany and palissandro santos, only for the Flexform MOOD collection. These can remain in their natural tone or can be stained (stained coffee, stained brown, stained cherry, stained walnut, stained teck, stained brown), always leaving the veining of the wood at sight.

Oak wood has the peculiarity to be a very hard type of wood, which colour is light brown with a pattern that generally is straight and regular. There are very few knots. It is resistant to changes in temperature.

Ashwood belongs to the broad-leaved family and to the semi-hard woods category. It is malleable, that means it bends but it does not cracks. It shows a very light colour, from ivory to slightly pink tones with regular, thin, straight fibers or flamed ones.

Canaletto walnut is a solid wood that shows an elegant flamed or striped veining that go from darker tones to lighter ones. It is a hard wood with a very compact fibre.

Mahogany is a cherished wood used for the manufacturing of precious and elegant furniture. It can be light or dark, when there is a very intense colour it is also called red mahogany. Section cuts of the trunk take the so-called name of feather mahogany – with whose material a series of elegant cabinets are made of – for the particular pattern it creates. This wood has a very stable structure and it is resistant to impacts.

Palissandro is wood that can be found in India, Brasil, Asian and Central America and besides being hard and resistant; it is also a heavy wood. It shows a brown colour with reddish stripings that tend to black. In some products, there are plates of Palissandro Santos.

Caution: the displayed colors, due to technical matters, are approximate and may differ from original