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Sanlorenzo, Yacht SL106A/759

SL106A/759 is the name of a particular model in the Sanlorenzo fleet in which the letter “A” defines its main aesthetic and construction feature, in other words: asymmetry. 

Staying true to the principle of innovation in the field of luxury yachts, Sanlorenzo has produced an unexpected design that redefines the concept of space and the traditional arrangement of rooms, noticeably improving usability of both the interior and exterior spaces, thanks to a meticulously curated interior design project. 

The lines of the SL106A Yacht express an extraordinary marriage of understated elegance, well-proportioned shapes and a balanced ratio of positive and negative space. Once again, Sanlorenzo produces a family of yachts that skillfully blend exquisite elegance and a high degree of comfort. 

The interior design project by Sanlorenzo for the SL106A/759 yacht features a pair of Edmond sofas, upholstered in white fabric with soft cushions in pastel shades, accompanied by Plain and Carlotta side tables. 

Project: Sanlorenzo 

Photos courtesy Sanlorenzo; Jim Raycroft