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USA, Palo Alto


Aptly named “The Sanctuary”, thanks to the Zen spirit that pervades the entire property, this private home successfully integrates an oasis of peace and greenery with the lively urban center of Palo Alto.

The idea was to design a modern home that could fit into the surrounding neighborhood and, at the same time, reveal its own unique, captivating landscape.

A majestic heritage oak spreads its impressive branches over most of the driveway and front yard.

Entry to the home is through a series of courtyards that are interwoven along the home’s undulating footprint. Each interior space is paired with its own exterior landscape, allowing the architecture and the landscape to flow into one another.

A sense of surprise and amazement awakens at each step through the many hidden courtyards. Diffused natural light illuminates the home during the day, playing with the palette of colors chosen for the interior materials.

A lavish arrangement of the Ettore sofa upholstered in a fabric with warm, reassuring colors, encourages and maintains this innate sense of relaxation. An elegant Morgan armchair, Este coffee table in marble and Giano footstool round out the living room decor. All of the items were designed by Antonio Citterio.

Tris side tables are ingeniously employed in the bedroom as night stands, while a glass door allows access to a tiny balcony where the elegant Peter armchair offers the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy the peaceful garden.

Architecture and interior design by Feldman Architecture

Landscape Architecture by Ground Studio

Photo/s: Joe Fletcher