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USA, Miami Beach


Award-winning Oppenheim Architecture designed this stunning 700 square meter penthouse in Miami Beach, among the most coveted and admired properties in Florida.
Consistent with a design philosophy that seeks to combine beauty and functionality, the Oppenheim designers envisioned a space suffused with a sense of calm serenity, intimately connected to the spirit and allure of Miami.

The sophisticated color palette revolves around muted shades of white and ecru, while warmer hues were chosen for the hardwood floors.

A sculptural spiral staircase in the living room connects the upper and lower floors. A unique back-to-back arrangement of the Grandemare seating system, designed by Antonio Citterio, is composed of generously proportioned sofas upholstered in ecru fabric that exude a warm atmosphere of unpretentious elegance, completing the living room decor.

Project by Oppenheim Architecture

Ph. Karen Fuchs