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USA, Miami


The concept of the courtyard home inspired the architecture of this villa, perfectly integrated into the Miami landscape.

A complex series of interconnected courtyards enlivens the straight corridor that leads to all areas of the home – from the entrance courtyards to cantilevered gazebos, to an interior courtyard filled with sculptures and works of art, and on to the main living area with its vaulted ceiling. The living room opens onto an infinity pool and a winding staircase that leads to an upper terrace.

The interiors are punctuated by monolithic structures and a sophisticated choice of materials. The result is a modern home that deftly blends elegance and comfort.

The spacious, light-filled living room is furnished with two stand-alone compositions of the Cestone sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio, with its characteristic backrests and armrests in woven cowhide.

Credits: Doo Architecture

Photographer: Oriol Tarridas