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Spain, Palma de Mallorca

In this magnificent apartment, the essence of Milanese style has been transported to the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The home occupies the top floor of a historic 1950s building in Palma di Mallorca and the architectural elements of the exterior facade served as the common thread in the interior design choices.

All of the daytime rooms have outside views and are bathed in natural light. The indoor spaces flow from one to another, creating a feeling of spaciousness. The entry opens onto the living room, establishing a visual connection with the library, dining room and kitchen.

The Grandemare seating system, designed by Antonio Citterio, was chosen to furnish the living room. The upholstery fabric in shades of beige is complemented by decorative cushions that provide colorful accents.

Courtesy of Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados

Ph. Salva López