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Spain, Mallorca


Sa Buguenvil·lea is the name of this splendid vacation home situated in the village of Santanyì in the south-east part of Mallorca.

Surrounded by a lush garden, this 850 square meter home was designed by Mallorca Heritage, along with architect Nacho Pons of 3de3arquitectes.

Perfectly balanced between Mallorcan traditional and contemporary aesthetics, Villa Sa Buguenvil·lea draws inspiration from wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy based on serene acceptance of the transitory nature of things and appreciation of their imperfect beauty.

Influenced by this aesthetic language, the interior design by Terraza Balear is built around a relaxing lifestyle and respect for artisan craftsmanship.

To furnish the spacious living room is a corner arrangement of the Harper seating system, designed by Antonio Citterio, upholstered in an elegant fabric in shades of ecru.

Placed alongside the fireplace with its stark, minimalist lines is the Tessa armchair in Canaletto walnut and hand-woven paper rush cord.
Sa Buguenvil·lea is a home meant to encourage the joy of entertaining. Around the large dining table are the comfortable, sophisticated Marley dining chairs; while the First Steps stools are the ideal complement to the kitchen island.

A second lounge area on the home’s upper floor is home to the Zeno sofa, while pride of place in the master bedroom belongs to the Asolo upholstered sofa and Marley armchair.

Design: Terraza Balear