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Los Angeles, USA


When architect Dan Brunn was commissioned to restructure a building in the Little Osaka district of Los Angeles, he was met with the challenging task of redesigning a space that already had a strong personality of its own.

Indeed, in the 1970s the Janss family, contemporary art collectors, had commissioned Frank Gehry to design a building that would serve as both a residence and art gallery.

The home was recently acquired by visual artist James Jean who then asked Dan Brunn to restructure the building. While fully respecting the original design, he reorganized the space, building on the principles of Bauhaus, which influenced the architecture of Tel Aviv, Brunn’s birthplace.

“The Hideout” is the name given to this home that also serves as an exhibit space for artist/homeowner, James Jean. Because it is basically a large open space, it called for an interior design concept that could define the areas and functions.

To outline the living area, Dan Brunn chose a composition of the Groundpiece sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio, a sectional seating system especially admired by Brunn, thanks to its perfect proportions and excellent construction.

Credits: Dan Brunn Architecture

Photo: Brandon Shigeta