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Japan, Karuizawa


Cherished by the Japanese because it can be reached in just one hour by high-speed train from Tokyo, Karuizawa is a resort area located at the base of the Mount Asama volcano.

This stunning private home designed by M’s Architects, is completely immersed in the forest.

The design concept of the building features a sleek succession of shapes that unfold following the geography of the terrain. The use of natural materials like stone, wood and glass lends a sense of harmony and remarkable visual lightness to the whole.

Spectacular views of the foliage from the large windows in the living room reveal the changing shades of color in the leaves of the various species of trees surrounding the villa.

The Evergreen sofa, paired with Vienna and Fly coffee/side tables, Guscioalto armchairs and a Happy chaise longue, were chosen to furnish the living room.

The area overlooking the dramatic hanging fireplace hosts two Peter armchairs with their respective footstools, while the spacious kitchen is home to a large Jiff table.

Courtesy by M'S Architects | Masahiro Takahashi | Ph. Kai Nakamura.