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Brazil, Brasilia


The eternal dilemma between passionate desires and the practical aspects inherent to any creative project is brilliantly resolved in the Mi Casa concept.

This private home was designed for an architect by the architectural firm Valéria Gontijo + Arquitetos.

No doubt a challenging task, it was accomplished with diligence and creativity by Valéria Gontijo + Arquitetos with the aim of reconciling the owner’s personal taste with the functional and practical needs of daily life.

Pure shapes and sharp lines make the design both functional and elegant.

Ideally, the home appears to be divided into three ‘blocks’ meant to serve three different purposes.

The feeling of coherence and strong visual impact are the product of extensive use of wood and concrete and the interspersion of open and closed spaces.

Functionality, softened by warmth and elegance, is evident in the spacious, light-filled living room that opens onto the garden. It was furnished with Soft Dream sofas, designed by Antonio Citterio, that feature a cowhide-clad metal base and goose-down-filled cushions.

Project by Valéria Gontijo + Arquitetos

Photo/s: Front Filmes