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Brazil, Brasilia


The ancient Romans believed the “genius loci” or spirit of the place, was a real or supernatural being worthy of respect and veneration; in architecture, the expression is used to explain the interaction between a place and a building’s identity.

The plan for this private home, designed by Valéria Gontijo + Arquitetos, leaves no doubt as to its connection with the landscape. The lush natural greenery of the place enjoys an integral relationship with the building and the surrounding environment.

The beauty of the architecture lies in the unexpected arrangement of exterior and interior spaces, as well as in the dramatic use of natural materials, like stone and wood, with its warm, ubiquitous presence.

Inside, the rooms flow though the space in an imaginative yet practical unfolding.

A stunning stone wall in the spacious living room that opens onto a terrace and pool forms the backdrop for two Groundpiece sofas, upholstered in ecru-color fabric, a Gipsy coffee table and a Lifesteel sofa in soft tobacco-color leather.

Project by Valéria Gontijo + Arquitetos

Photo/s: Front Filmes