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Australia, Sydney


Located on a wide sandy beach in Coogee, a quiet coastal suburb not far from Sydney, this single-family home has the relaxed appeal of a family abode designed to offer seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A pair of Soft Dream sofas, matched with Fly coffee tables and Piuma cabinets, was chosen to furnish the light-filled living area that opens onto the garden. Outside of the traffic zone, the Happy chaise longue is upholstered in a light-colored fabric with contrasting black grosgrain piping that underscores its graceful lines.

In the adjacent dining room, the Fly table with top in luxurious Emperador marble is surrounded by Hera dining chairs with base in prized Canaletto walnut.

An intimate, cozy atmosphere pervades the bedroom. Placed at the foot of the Lifesteel bed is a Magi bench, upholstered in an exquisite sky-blue fabric; while, set near a window, the Guscio armchair and Fly side table form the ideal niche from which to enjoy the delightful view of the bay.

Courtesy of Fanuli Furniture