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Italy, Como Lake


Once a monastery, this enchanting villa was granted to Count Andrea Passalacqua who, in 1787, commissioned Swiss architect, Felice Soave to enlarge it. The architect’s gifted insight was to contrast the simple symmetrical exterior with the richly decorated interiors, filled with paintings, statues, Persian rugs, tapestries and Venetian chandeliers. The effect is stunning, enhanced by breathtaking views of the lake, framed by vast, exquisitely manicured gardens. The three-story villa, with richly worked bronze doors, has hosted many famous celebrities, including poet Carlo Porta, who painted many of the frescoes and Vincenzo Bellini who, between 1829 and1833, was a frequent guest of the Passalacqua family. He composed Norma and La sonnambula, two of his most famous operas, in the villa’s music room.
The historic villa was recently redecorated with many pieces from the Flexform and Flexform MOOD collections.
The music room, with its high frescoed ceilings and damask print rugs, is complemented by two curved Alfred sofas placed face-to-face, along with an oval Fly coffee table to form an inviting island of contentment.
Several of the villa’s sitting rooms are furnished with Lysandre armchairs and Guscio settees.
Placed alongside the stone bathtub in the bathroom is the Riviera side table from the Flexform MOOD collection, in an appropriate juxtaposition of the antique and the modern.
Today, as then, the unique atmosphere of the villa continues to inspire its guests. The ideal spot for a luxurious break from the daily routine, in the most serene surroundings.