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Italy, Chalet Levissima

Bormio, Chalet Levissima

At more than 3000 meters, Europe’s highest suite breathes rarefied air among the mountains of the Stelvio National Park, in the heart of the central Alps, opposite Cima Piazzi. A pristine, natural treasure chest, Chalet Levissima Bormio 3000 is a lofty place to reconnect with oneself, inspired by the purity of nature and the majesty of the mountains.

The unforgettable structure of the chalet uses design elements and materials that allow it to fit into this unique mountain setting while offering a total immersion experience of the magnificent snow-capped alpine peaks.

Designed to accommodate two people, the comfortable suite has a large terrace for the exclusive use of the chalet, where the views of the untouched mountain tops are breathtaking.

The interior furnishings are by Flexform and include the Feel Good armchairs paired with Feel Good ottomans to create a peaceful, cocoon-like atmosphere.

Lending bold personality to the kitchen/dining area are Feel Good bar stools upholstered in dark brown leather.

The Sun lamp adds an elegant finishing touch to the decor.