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Cranchi Settantotto

Cranchi Yachts, the historic Italian brand known for its technological excellence, launched its new flagship yacht at the “Boot Düsseldorf 2020” International Boat Show in January.

The Settantotto expresses an aesthetic that transcends fleeting fashions. Its fluid lines convey the idea of movement and an innate sense of balance.

Christian Grande – working closely with the Cranchi Research Center – provided the art direction. The results are eloquent: the Settantotto exudes all the prowess of a yacht that can face any sea conditions without ever baring its teeth.

The Settantotto’s lines are sinuous and the interiors reveal generously sized cabins bathed in natural light.

To furnish the living area, Grande chose a corner arrangement of the Adda seating system paired with Fly side tables, both designed by Antonio Citterio.

Upholstered in luxurious leather in an eye-catching orange color, the Feel Good dining chairs, also designed by Antonio Citterio, surround the dining table.

Grande’s choice of materials and colors reveals sophisticated taste that conveys a message of warmth and informal elegance through style cues that are both classic and contemporary.

An outdoor lounge on the aft deck features Alison Outdoor armchairs, designed by Carlo Colombo, paired with Fly Outdoor side tables.

Courtesy Cranchi.