Fabrics, leathers, woods and metals are selected according to the highest quality standards, also with a criterion of sustainable proximity to the company. The goosedown utilized – for the large, soft cushions that are FLEXFORM’s stylistic trademark - has Assopiuma Gold Certification, guaranteeing maximum quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes. Respect for the environment, processes and the animals themselves is ensured by this certification. The durability of products is a crucial value of environmental sustainability. Long-lasting things lead to less waste and pollution, not generating material for disposal, requiring transport and resulting emissions of CO2. FLEXFORM products, crafted with the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, are made to last in time.

"Clients sometimes ask us to replace the covering of a sofa more than twenty years after its purchase. The structure is still solid. And the image never goes out of style."

FLEXFORM believes in the development of projects with an outlook of Corporate Social Responsibility. One example is the partnership with Porsche Italia in the project Porsche “Ex Machina” supported by H-Farm, the leading Italian start-up incubator aimed at young talents 3.0. Invited to work on the development of digital projects to apply to the corporate business, FLEXFORM has supported this operation aimed at giving a concrete opportunity to the younger generations, fostering trust and promoting the culture of merit.