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Home at last | A.B.C. armchair

Flexform launches a new interesting project: a web series made up of five 30’ videos, to be promoted through the social and digital media channels of the company, as well as through the flagship stores network.

The storytelling of this web series develops around the concept “Home at Last”, which besides being the advertising campaign’s claim, is also the leitmotiv to sum up the whole communication strategy of the company. The story tells of the sheer pleasure of coming back home, in a warm and welcoming environment, displaying Flexform products. Every video focuses on five best-sellers, each starring in a short but meaningful story which portrays a moment of everyday life.

The first video of this web series stars the A.B.C. armchair and shows a young lady, elegantly attired, who on coming back from a soiree, leans back in the chairs and kicks off her shoes. The close up shows the movement of the reclining armchair highlighting its great functionality and thus also capturing a beautiful intimate moment of domestic life.

From now to next April, there are going to be four more videos, dedicated to the Infinity bookcase, the Cestone sofa, the Newbridge bed and the Taylor cabinet.